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Kores Clear TapeKores Clear Tape
Kores Correction Pen
Kores Highlighter - Set of 4Kores Highlighter - Set of 4
Kores School Scissors 5"Kores School Scissors 5"
Kores Modelling Clay / 10 ColorsKores Modelling Clay / 10 Colors
Kores Glue Dots PermanentKores Glue Dots Permanent
Kores Roll On Correction TapeKores Roll On Correction Tape
Kores Cirkos Compass
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Kores Neon Erasers / Set of 6
Kores Tempera Colors / 12 Tubes of 12mlKores Tempera Colors / 12 Tubes of 12ml
Kores Glue RollerKores Glue Roller
Kores Water Colour SetKores Water Colour Set
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Kores Erasers - Big / 5
Kores Universal Clear Glue 125 mlKores Universal Clear Glue 125 ml
Kores Wood Glue 125mlKores Wood Glue 125ml
Kores Correction Pen / Box of 12
Kores White GlueKores White Glue
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Kores White GlueKores
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Kores Grafiko Neon Compass
Kores School Scissors 5"
Kores Modelling Clay / 4 ColorsKores Modelling Clay / 4 Colors
Kores High Liners - Set of 4Kores High Liners - Set of 4
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Kores Erasers - Small / 8
Kores Scissors 8"Kores Scissors 8"
Kores Finger Paint / 4Kores Finger Paint / 4
Kores Fluid CorrectionKores Fluid Correction
Kores Dry Correction TapeKores Dry Correction Tape
Kores Schoolfix Liquid GlueKores Schoolfix Liquid Glue
Kores Glufix Liquid GlueKores Glufix Liquid Glue
Kores Pencils HB / 12
Kores Glue StickKores Glue Stick
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Kores Glue StickKores
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Kores Ballpoint Pens - Pack of 4
Kores 2-in-1 Coloring Markers - Set of 10Kores 2-in-1 Coloring Markers - Set of 10
Kores Jumbo Coloring Pencils - Set of 12Kores Jumbo Coloring Pencils - Set of 12
Kores Coloring Pencils - Set of 36Kores Coloring Pencils - Set of 36
Kores Crayons - Set of 12 Colors