YCM Japan Deluxe Military Lensatic Compass

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  • Multi-function Military style compass
  • Great companion for boating, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities
  • Rugged & Sturdy Metallic case
  • Line on Glass Bezel allows you to navigate easily in difficult weather conditions, and terrain
  • 360 degree Adjustable Luminous Direction Line and Floating Luminous Dial
  • Liquid-filled Compass for High Stability
  • Oil Damping System 
  • Temperature range: -20 degrees Celsius to +50 degree Celsius
  • Scale 1:25000 Meters
  • Components
    • Thumb Holder
    • Magnifying viewer
    • Compass (floating dial, sighting hairline)
    • Clicker: 1 Round =128 Clicks
  • Dimensions 7.7cm x 5.2cm x 2.5cm  
  • Made in Japan  

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