Women's Weekly Cookbook - Meals from the Freezer

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The aim of every cook is to serve food that's both fast and easy to prepare, and bursting with flavour. Meals from the Freezer is jam-packed with delightful and delicious recipes, each designed to be made, then frozen, in part or full, until next week, next month .. then, voila! Just defrost, heat and eat. Whether you're seeking finger food for a cocktail party, soup for a light, casual lunch or a casserole for the whole family, the solution is no further away than your freezer.

The recipes, reliably triple-tested by The Australian Women's Weekly Test Kictchen, are so adaptable, clever and easy to follow that no matter how much you have on your plate, you'll still have time to come up with the culinary goods when you have Meals from the Freezer.

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