Utah Premium Large Christmas Tree

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Size: 360cm
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This artificial Christmas tree Utah PVC Premium is available in the sizes 10 ft. (300 cm), 12 ft. (360 cm), and 15 ft. (450 cm). If you are looking for a larger artificial Christmas tree, look at our "Large trees or Giant Trees" for more information. This artificial Christmas tree is made of high-quality PVC material. Because of the strong branches, you can easily hang many decorations in the artificial Christmas tree.

Hinged construction
The artificial Christmas tree consists of 3 parts; the top, a middle section, and the bottom. The branches are already attached to the trunk and you do not have to insert them one by one.

For indoor- and outdoor use
The artificial Christmas tree Utah PVC Premium is for indoor- and outdoor use. If you want to put the artificial Christmas tree Utah outside, we recommend that you mount the artificial Christmas tree as firmly as possible.

Strong storage box:
Your tree will be delivered in a sturdy luxury storage box in which you can easily store the tree again for the following year after the holidays.

Safety requirements and standards
Of course, the Utah PVC Premium meets all safety requirements and standards (NEN 71-2).

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