Tombow Ultra-Thin Twin-Tip Highlighter - Set/5 Colors

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Protected marker tip. Fluorescent marker with a resistant tip that does not stain rulers.

The polymer coating used in the core of Kei Coat prevents the marker tip from breaking, drawing uneven lines, or staining rulers, which may lead to staining the surroundings and the tips of other pens. Highly resistant polymer coating protects the core and greatly reduces frustration caused by pen tips. Accurate and neat marking is guaranteed in every use. The refill "Kei Coat Charger" allows you to use a single marker for a long time and helps you save money.

Resistant tip that keeps rulers clean

The resin coating on the tip of the polymer-coated core prevents the marker tip from breaking and from staining rulers.

Special plastic core (fine core)

The marker features a plastic core specially developed for pigment ink. Unlike the easily breakable core used in the past, this new tip can withstand strong pen pressure.

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