Tombow AirPress (Space Pen) Ballpoint Pen

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The Famous AIRPRESS PEN is here!

Featuring AirPress System (APS)!
Change air compression to ejected ink.

APS is a new mechanism that uses the air compressed with every click to eject the ink.
Reliable performance is guaranteed even under difficult conditions such as writing fast, writing with a pen nib up, and writing on wet paper.
This knock-type pressurized oil-based ink ballpoint pen is full of useful functions for active use.

Knock pressurization mechanism

The piston is pressed against the compression chamber with each click to send compressed air to the refill (core) and eject the ink.
You can write clearly even when you have to write fast, with a pen nib up, or on wet paper.

Rubber barrel

The elastomer-coated surface of the barrel ensures a secure hold even with wet fingers or a hand in a glove.
*Acrylic resin coating is used for the transparent barrel.

Strong clip

The strong and flexible wire clip opens wide. It securely holds any material from a sheet of printing paper to thick objects.

Short barrel

The total length of 122 mm is suitable for carrying around. This pen is about 20% shorter than a normal ballpoint pen for office use (about 150 mm) and suitable for writing in a small space or a crowded place.

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