Revell Air Brush Starter Kit

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Everybody knows that it takes a lot of patience and every bit as much practice to paint a large area evenly with a brush. It's much easier with the spray gun. With the Revell "starter class" set it is easy for beginners with the Airbrush to paint large areas neatly. In addition to a basic painting starter kit, this set also contains the materials and instructions for mixing the desired Aqua Color shades perfectly for airbrushing.

As these acrylic paints have a mild smell and can be diluted with water your first attempts with the airbrush are not at all complicated. It is really easy to clean the spray gun with water after use. If you would like to perfect the appearance of your finished models and make an inexpensive start on the painting technique, this set is the right one for you.

The set contains:

  • "Starter class" spray gun.
  •  Propellant controller.
  • Air hose.
  • Jumbo pressure gas can.
  • 2 x 18 ml Aqua Color paints.
  • 2 mixing jars.
  • Aqua Color Clean, 25 ml.
  • Aqua Color Mix, 25 ml.
  • 2 pipettes.
  • Instructions for use.

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