Phoenix Premium Large Christmas Tree

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If you have spent too many hours stringing lights onto your Christmas trees, hours you could have spent in more pleasurable activities, then the Amazing Christmas Phoenix prelit trees is the tree you have been looking for all your life. Now that the lights are taken care of, you can focus on the important questions, like, do I have enough decorations? How many baubles can I possibly fit on the tree before it looks over the top? Who do I need to buy presents for this year? Can I give the present Aunty Beth gave me last year to cousin Sarah? And the most important question of all, which tree is the right one for me?

With plump red berries peeking through the leaves, and a combination of lifelike pine needles and branches, our Phoenix classic A shape Pine will make you think of every Christmas television episode and movie you have ever seen. This is perhaps our most traditional Christmas tree and if it’s a return to traditions you are looking for, then this is the tree for you.

The color of our Phoenix Pine has been created to emulate a true pine tree with a mix of light and dark forest green foliage. If you have ever seen a real pine tree, you’ll know the lush shades of green change with the sunlight and the moonlight.

The hinged branches make putting up your tree ridiculously easy. The tree comes in three parts so will require some assembly and the branches are fixed to the tree pole, so all you have to do is fold out the branches and arrange them as you like. The more you fan them out, the more they will look like the photos. The branches are a mix of PP and PVC which is why they look so real. Just because you choose to use your Phoenix Christmas tree year after year, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look authentic.

This lovely tree has a good balance of lifelike pine needles and traditional pine branches adding to the impression of a real tree. The foliage is so dense on this tree, you can't see through it. This is the ideal tree for hanging all your decorations on.

Although cones are a lovely decorative touch in any Christmas tree, the ones in these photos are just for illustration only.


  • Height: 270 cm
  • Diameter: 192cm
  • Tips: 1193
  • Colour: Green
  • Lights: 300 LEDs warm white with a steady function
  • Strong metal base
  • Indoor tree

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