Parker Vector Classic White 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil with Eraser

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  • These pencils are of superb build quality made by the UK Parker plant. 
  • The front section is stainless steel, radially brushed with a production date code imprint code and Made in UK imprint. The section is nice and comfortable, and since brushed it does not slip in the hand while providing a good balance and weight.
  • The clip is also steel, with nice flex to it to go over any thickness pocket fabric or a notebook.
  • The interesting fact is that the mechanism is made in Japan which is also imprinted on it
  • A very nice mechanism, with nice precise lead deployment.
  • It comes with a nice eraser under the push button that can be pulled out from the slot as it's being used.  
  • Great for everyday use, drafting or drawing, or for a gift.

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