Mont Marte Pastel Pencils / 12 Colors

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  • Our Signature Pastel Pencils are suitable for everything from subtle detailed work to quick expressive sketches.
  • These pastel pencils are easy to use and are ideal for blending and smudging.
  • Our fine pigments ensure a high degree of lightfastness and covering power.
  • Pastel pencils are easily controlled and can be used in conjunction with soft and hard pastels to create delicate lines and details.
  • Note: We recommend sharpening (under adult supervision) using a hobby knife with a new, sharp blade. Take it slowly and aim for a gentle angle so the timber supports the pigment strip.
  • We do not recommend any sharpener with a pastel pencil due to the fragile nature of the color strip.
  • 12 vibrant colors.
  •  Pastel Pencils may be used to add details to soft & hard pastels.

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