Herma Clear Dots 32mm

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  • Seal labels made of non-aging polyester foil with extra-strong adhesive.
  • Securely seals packaging as original closure, e.g. for bulk products, mail-outs, and many other uses.
  • Extremely strong adhesion, even on critical surfaces such as cardboard, and also for labelling damp surfaces.
  • Weather resistant, resistant to aging, oil and dirt repellent, wet wipeable.
  • For hand inscription with pencil and foil pens.
  • Sealing labels made of transparent polyester film with extra-strong adhesive.
  • Temperature-resistant, water, oil and dirt repellent.
  • Powerful adhesion, even on critical or moist surfaces.
  • For sealing bulk merchandise, products, packaging and many other items.
  • Can also be used as original closure.
  • For hand lettering with a rollerball pen, ballpoint or pencil.

*Not suitable for PC printers, please use HERMA Seal labels on A4 sheets.

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