Derwent Studio Colouring Pencils Drawing & Colouring Ideal for Illustrating & Detailing Wax-Based Professional Quality - Tin Set

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Precise, perfect coloring pencils.

  • Versatile, professional quality colouring pencils in a wide range of colours
  • Perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages
  • Slim colour strip as the Artists range but with a narrow core and fine point
  • Ideal for detailed illustrations, technical drawings and commercial work
  • Hexagonal barrel makes pencil easy to grip
  • Colours are blendable and can be superimposed again and again
  • Attractive tin with removable lid for easy access to pencils without taking up space on your desk
  • If you like the texture and blend-ability of Artists color pencils, but prefer a crisper, more precise drawing style, this pencil is for you.
  • Studio shares the same color core as Artists, but it is slimmer and the wood barrel is hexagonal rather than round.
  • The result? A color pencil that is easy to grip and particularly suited to detailed illustration work, such as botanical studies, architectural drawing and graphic design.
  • All tend to be studio-based – hence the name.
  • Made in UK

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