Derwent Soft Pastel Chalks - Tin Set

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Size: Set of 12
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Bold, broad color at a stroke.

  • High-quality soft pastels in a wide range of rich and vibrant colours, Ideal for students and hobbyists
  • Easy to mix and layer thanks to soft easy-to-blend texture, Designed for smooth and dust-free application, Easy-to-grip size for optimum control
  • Ideal for fine, detailed work or applying lots of colour to a page quickly thanks to versatile square shape
  • Best used on textured paper – also suitable for coloured paper (including black),
  • Combine with Derwent Academy Watercolour Paints for a unique effect
  • For authentic pastel drawings with quick, easy color lay down, these chunky pastel blocks are perfect.
  • The square shape and smooth, semi-hard texture means you can use the ends, sides or edges to produce both broad and fine lines.
  • Although not as powdery as soft pastels, the effect is equally beautiful and the unique colorless Derwent Blending White allows you to blend the colors easily without affecting their density.
  • Available in a range of 36 vibrant colors.
  • Made in UK

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