Vintage Rotring Controlled Lettering System Device & Set of 4 Rulers

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JD 76

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  • Rotring Lettering System
  • Device & Set of 4 Metal Lettering Rulers 
  • Sizes :
    • 50  cl    PEN 0.10  
    • 60  cl    PEN 0.2
    • 100 cl   PEN 0.3  
    • 120 cl   PEN 0.4
  • Add Lettering Rulers Single / set  & Isographs
  • You plug an Isograph by its very tip into one arm, and you follow the grooves on the rulers with the metal tip fitted on the other arm.
  •  The distance between the two arms can be increased or reduced. This affects the rendering of the letters.
  • The smallest space yelds vertical letters and the more you increase the space, the more the letters are slanted (see sample pictures of minimum and maximum angle)
  • Other Brands that came with similar systems: Keuffel Esser Leroy K&E Lettering

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