Tombow Twin-Tip Laundry Marker

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Smudge-proof and water- and detergent-resistant twin-tipped oil-based ink marker specially designed for writing names on various materials including plastic.

A marker pen designed for writing names on a wide range of materials from small stationery items to materials with a large surface area,
such as book covers and bibs as well as cloth and plastic. A handy twin-tipped pen with fine and ultra-fine tips.

Outstanding writing performance on cloth

Equipped with proprietary high viscosity ink.
When painted on cloth, it is less likely to bleed than regular oil-based marking pens, and has excellent washing resistance.

Quick-drying ink

You can write fast for the writing line is hard to bleed and hard to stain the hands and surroundings.

Suitable for all writing materials

Easy to write on paper, cloth, plastics, wood, paint film, rubber, resin, glass and so on,
it is a strong partner for most learning and daily necessities.

Twin type

Two thin types provided in one pen: 0.8mm and 0.4mm.

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