NESTLE Ranging Pole Support Light Version with Clamping Screw

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JD 30

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The ranging pole support with clamping screw is particularly suitable for surveying in the building and cadastral sector. Not only for setting up alignment rods on hard ground, but also ideally suited for positioning prism poles.

  • Not only suitable for setting up alignment poles on hard ground, but also for positioning prism poles.
  • Available with clamping bracket or clamping screw.
  • Very simple operation: fix the prism or ranging pole over the measuring point and bring it to a plumb line.
  • Ideal for our MIDI prism poles in order to be able to position the prism safely and plumb above the measuring point even when space is limited (under canopies, with dense vegetation).
  • The thin metal base can be pressed into the ground for a secure stand if required
  • Weight 1700g
  • Hight 100cm
  • Color Orange 

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