NEW Airtender Wine Lover's Set Wine Aerator Air Pump with Stainless Steel Aerator, 1 Wine Vacuum with 3 Reusable Nanostopper Bottle Stoppers

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  • MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS - FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: AIRTENDER delivers the complete vacuum and aeration set for enjoying wine and cocktails. Aerate wine by the glass and keep opened srew top or cork sealed bottles fresh under vacuum for up to 5x longer. Aerate wine to perfection with the stainless steel wine aerator and create explosive flavor.
  • BRING WINE TO LIFE: enjoy the flavor of wine by the glass to the fullest. By controlling the addition of air, aromas and flavors are brought to life quickly and easily. Aeration enhances the full flavor and taste of all wines.
  • MIX COCKTAILS: with the same aeration process, you also create perfectly fully flavored and seasoned cocktails by mixing the ingredients with the Precision Aerator.
  • STORE LEAKPROOF: the Nanostopper allows vacuumed wine bottle screw tops to be firmly in place for 100% leak-proof storage in the refrigerator or horizontally in a wine rack, cooling and/or climate controlled cabinet.
  • KEEP WINE FRESH UP TO 5X LONGER : vacuum counteracts the aging process of wine, preserving both freshness and flavor. Never let good wine go to waste again.

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